Ecoply Barrier Structural

We use Ecoply Barrier for Better Results

Ecoply Barrier - Smarter, Faster Building

Waddell & Currie are a leading Ecoply Barrier installer with over 1000+ successful buildings completed throughout greater Christchurch since 2007.

Ecoply Barrier, made by Carter Holt Harvey, is the smart alternative to building wrap and the future of New Zealand building in two key ways.

Enhanced Structural Stability

Ecoply Barrier provides strong bracing for enhanced structural stability and earthquake resistance.

Speeds up the Build Process

Ecoply Barrier speeds up the build process considerably by sealing the exterior of the building quickly which allows follow-on trades people such as gib-stoppers, plasterers and painters to start work on the inside regardless of whether the outside cladding is completed or not.